Untitled 08/08/11

Head VS Heart or Heart VS Head????????????? i cant believe i am confused or rather undecided about a simple title to a blog, well you read it and decide.

Usually i am not a type of person to go all jelly weak in the kneel cos cupid shot a damn arrow (by the way tell that friggin dude i am gaan break his neck when i see him in person…………..baby cherub or not). When it comes to matters like office romance i am a green finger leaf, not inexperienced per say but i have always being undecided…………………you know GREY area kind of thing.

Funny how easy it is to judge or criticize others when you are not in their shoes, but when you get to experience it………………………Ha Ha Ha it becomes a new kind of view (3D MAX).

Dont get me wrong, i am not against office romance neither am in support but now i dont know anymore, i am a victim!!!!!

I used to be a cool, calm and collected kind of guy, but it took one chance meeting and two lunch dates to change all that……………..principle outta the window, heart in place of my head 😦 if you know what i mean. All the fibres in my body be screaming NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i  swear my ears have formed an alliance with my heart…………….one word DEAF.

I always see her from afar wearing that look they all wear, i mean young executives trying to get to the top of their game………………….confident, determined and a tad sassy,but all that changed after the first chat.

Like to describe her in detail but with all the confused emotion and mixed signals i feel right now, heaven knows that ‘partial’ is just a tip of the iceberg. Aside from being strikingly beautiful, her figure is all a monk needs to change his mind about celibacy……………the lushy lips, ample bossom, disarming smile and a walk to kill…………… erm erm  Sa’id you can like to focus now if you gaan get this stuff done!! sorry about the distraction – but not really sorry per say, i just said it because my kind of job demands you apologise for no reason at all, you probably wondering what kind of shitty job is that? not to worry if you’ve ever called a customer care line then you know what i mean……………shit there i go again rambling and she aint even here. FOCUS !!!!!!! Ok ! Ok !! “Earth to Mars, do you copy”

My case aint that of “boy meets girl, boy likes girl” kinda thing but its similar………………….Hmmmm Lord save me !! (Mumu button activated).

Cant tell when it all began but i sure know it changed after i spent the night at her  place…………….cancelled chicken order, substituted with chocolates…..one thing led to the other sha and i had to crash. For those of you with mind like gutter, sorry to burst your bubble but sleep was all we i we did. She was kind enough to let me sleep in one of her T-Shirt, that engulfing smell of her was the closest to paradise…………….how i so fantasized about those Jolie’s kinda lips too bad i had to play the perfect gentleman guest.

        After hours of deep convo i felt i have found my soulmate……………Oya this is the part you pour a bucket of cold water on me, dont bother, even the hot one wont have any effect, this feeling has got to stop, schizophrenic disorder aint got nothing on what i feel, Banky W’s strong thing has never felt so good.

Come to think of it, it seem the feeling is MUTUAL (or am i seeing things) the stolen glances, the gentle touch , prolonged laughter etc……………..well lets just hope she is laughing with me and not the other way round, http://www.jonzing.com/  right? but i swear there is definately a spark or why else would Work, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS and calls be the order of the day? The time spent apart are still spent together virtually wirelessly, i have never appreciated my BB more.

I ask myself ……….is it possible to feel this much for someone after 288 hours? i feel a new world record coming on and dont dare tell me its infatuation or something of the like, trust me i have a degree in every one of these side feelings: Obsession, Infatuation, Fling, Pity Sex you name it but i cant seem to tag this one.

Being with her doing absolutely nothing is everything to me…………..have i caught the BUG? when is this feeling going to stop, i am like a love sick puppy (did i just use the L-Word?) if i say i didnt like it then you know i lied…………..Hmmmm issorai, issokay…………..TO BE CONTINUED


6 thoughts on “Untitled 08/08/11

  1. Sa’id! With each read,i feel a strong urge to meet you one on one. I want to explore your mind,love the way you write stuff like this… Have a way of making it come to life.

  2. Hmmmmm,me love.really niceeee.considering am like one of your fans(both of you)by the way,I’ll definately be partial.no go throway my hand o.you know how many guys don toast me on her behalf??????begging for connection?it is aight to have mumu button activated,trust me even married ones like us love to know someones mumu button’s been activated by a smile.

  3. Nice post brof! Its good to know some guys are all about the relationship rather than just sex. Love is a 2-way thing though so I’d hope you get to know her feelings towards you as well.
    Pls do more proof reading before final posting as I noticed some typos but overall a good read. Seems chilvary isn’t dead after all. Keep it up! 🙂

  4. “… Her figure is all a monk needs to change his mind about celibacy…” Loool to that.
    The way U describe her though, who wouldnt wanna be her right now.
    True, u gotta do somethn about these typos..
    It doesnt become u…
    Be careful with ur heart tho.. Aka mumu button activated.

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