Empty Promises…….NOT!!!

I can’t believe its 6 months already, 1/2 a year…180 days! How time flies when you’re in the right company«—-this I know.

I long for the day its going to be all action, no words *sigh* another wish……at this rate I will put a dent on the magic lamp !!!!

But if words are all I got for NOW do bear with me…..I am accountable for all I say and with me you don’t get empty promises:

I need to stop wishing and start DOING, I’m going to use up all my “wish card”;

If I could light every star in the sky so they could shine for you.
If I could tell an angel to make it fine and full of shine.
If I could reach a cloud I will pack it softly around you then lace it with sliver lining.

If only for a moment I could see you smile…..see the hope in your eyes; feel the pleasure in my heart.
If only for a moment I could hear you laugh and make it last forever.

Place a soft kiss on your neck….I love the look on your face when you emit that delightful sigh, arch you back and ask for more….

I will watch you sleep just to hear your heart beat; catch you a falling star however far I have to go.

Thanks for being a part of my life…..though you won’t say it, I know you feel as much as I do.


1 thought on “Empty Promises…….NOT!!!

  1. It’s Still Empty Promises cos he wudn’t or didn’t tell her all dis… or even do dem 😦
    Very Nice Post 🙂 … I had to come back today to read again n realized d comment i put wasn’t here… so here is anoda 1 🙂

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