The Subtle Denial

Whatever kills you doesn’t make you stronger. And vice versa. We quote the Truisms often. We don’t believe half as much as we ought to in Reality. Misconceptions of Love, Faith, Peace, Honour and Life. What we hold on to. Day in, Day out. Why we wake up. Why we sleep, Sad Really.

We fool around screaming that we dont care for people’s approval….. but as long as long we still breathe, there is always THAT one person whose approval we seek, unless we phase out that denial……..

“Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” -Friedrich Neitzsche

And this fear represses our inherent Greatness. We know what is wrong. We see what is happening yet we continue living day by day. Scared of reproach. Scared of Confrontation. Scared ! Scared!! Scared !!!

F.E.A.R : False Experience Appearing Real

Many have gazed into that same abyss. The abyss looking back kills only a portion of you. That same Portion you should have let go of, What we need we have. What we want we seek. What should hold the least atomic phase of relevance to us, we yearn for.

Very sad really, I have Looked at the Monsters. They Looked back. I have seen the Basic essence of my Conception. I died so my reality could be re-written There are those who have learnt to walk in death. So they can come out of the other side. So they can live…… Keep thinking what you have is what you have. Keep believing all you see is all there is. You will End with your eyes still closed.

That first step into nothingness. That is the most Painful moment you’ll ever feel as a normal Person. It becomes easier through Fortitude and Persistence.
What won’t make you stronger WILL kill you. It will Kill you. Leave it be. Let it alone!

Disclaimer: This post contains rants from @TheGreyGenesis ‘s TL, hit the follow button for first hand experience.


6 thoughts on “The Subtle Denial

  1. In the end, all is void…death comes swiftly to those that run from it. Embrace fears with the mindset of a conquerer and watch them become naught…que s’era s’era, what matters is putting fear aside and taking that bold step into the unknown… Nice one

  2. We all always run into this kind of situations and the truth is, the world is what we make it. Everything is in pairs most often than not opposites. What won’t kill you makes you stronger, what won’t make you stronger will kill you definately except it doesn’t exist in the first place.
    Misconceptions are as relative as good and evil, when all things are in the right place its good but as soon as a few things are not its bad or evil. We are social creatures some opinions matter but truth be told its only relative to who is really listening sometimes I wonder, we have all this luxury and its supposed to make our life better but how come the people that don’t have a fraction of what we’ve got always tend to seem better of. Life is simple we on the other hand are complicated.

  3. We deserve all we get in life,be it good or evil or Not. Fear of the unknown doesn’t make it any easier. But like you said if it doesn’t kill you… And vice versa. Reflective and a reminder.

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