The Unseen…..


We see you. You intrigue us, to no end, the lot of you. From the moment you open your eyes to the world onto the moment Azaril comes to escort your soul out of it. You are a lot like us, but at the same time, we are far removed. Daily, do we give thanks for our separation. You are the ones most favored by the Almighty; without a doubt, you are special. Even though you were the last to be created, you were made to be second to none in peerage. All were made to bow before you, including our ancestors. We had no choice but to obey the Creator, although one of us dared to refuse Him. Iblis, he was called then… Through the centuries, we have watched you. From the downfall at the garden, past the great flood, the Tower of Babel, down to the time of the crossing of the Red Sea. We were there when the ground swallowed Korab and all his treasures. Frankly, we are staggered by your limitless arrogance. The Almighty has raised you above us all, and loves you unconditionally. We do not understand it, and therefore try to understand you. We must admit, you are an enigma. You are physically weak, but make up for it in intelligence. You are also blessed with the ability to adapt. You are fertile, and spread bountifully across the earth. With the backing of the Omnipotent, no living thing is spiritually superior to you. You happen to be the only animals who walk upright. You have also been given knowledge, and what have you done with it? You are capable of great evil. We tire of how you lie to, steal from, hurt, oppress and murder each other in your greed and selfishness. In your self-aggrandisement, you forget that your mortal lives are but a collective grain of sand in the beach that is the hereafter. In your folly, you have begun to delude yourselves that you are gods. You forget your place! You have even corrupted some among our kind into imbibing your behaviour. You worship false gods and go as far as worshipping some among us. You bribe them with red mercury, all to persuade them into overhearing the daily announcements of destiny in heaven. More perplexing is the fact that they actually do it, even though it is suicidal. None but the malaika are allowed in heaven before their time, and any who dares to cross the boundary faces instant death. To our eternal shame, we have enabled some of you to be misled by false prophets, proclaiming stolen words, belonging to the Almighty. It is no wonder why He, in His boundless wisdom, keeps us unseen to you. It is for our safety. We will be fair- you are also capable of great acts of kindness. From the charity that is a simple smile, to the selfless philanthropy of giving all of one’s wealth to the needy. The unconditional love a parent has for a child. When we see the pious among you, we are reminded as to why The Lord loves you. The ones who submit to his mercy, and remember the hereafter: they may be your salvation. In retrospect, you are probably our salvation as well. We would be as arrogant as you are if we were to believe ourselves better than you. We still do not understand you, but we have learned by watching you. Despite the urge to put you down, we recognize your potential. We will continue to watch you, unseen. We are Jinn.


Thanks to Dayo Omidiran (@mromidiran) for sending this in. You can read more from him here


Authors Notes: Iblis is also known as Lucifer. Malaika literally means “angels”. Korab was Moses’ major antagonist during the 40 year-long wandering of the Israelites. He was fabulously wealthy, and tried to rebel against Moses, so God swallowed him, his followers and all their possessions in the earth.


Dusk 15: Sa’id

Walks onto podium, shakes @0Toxic vigorously, waves at crowd…………………Hello my name is Sa’id, I am an addict.

*Flashes back to January 2012* Walking the streets of Kaduna, tie half knotted, shirt collar faded, roasted maize grabbed firmly. That was me submitting CVs from office to office, Solicited or Unsolicited.  You see I just quit my job, yes I did. You pay me peanuts and try to dictate my life at the same time, no Boss you don’t get to do that. To cut the long story short, or rather the rant, I left my wacked job with no plans of what to come, amidst all advice from friends and family, they kept saying hang in there things will change, I have been waiting for so long but it won’t, so damn all the advice I am doing this my way.

*January 13, 2013* Exactly a year after, and three promotions later; I sit in my office half the size of a football field, look at the line up of gadgets and the only thing I can whisper is “Alhamdullilah” Thank you Lord.

To the series theme proper: Hopes, dreams, expectations and fears…

Hmmmmmm, that’s a hard one, given the fact I lost hope a long time ago, *Snickers* throw faith in there somewhere. I can’t stand up to God cause I said some very terrible things to him in my trying times, I cursed, I blamed, I begged and just as I gave up on him, he turned my story around and I am so ashamed of myself I can’t bow to him in prayers. But he is “Allahu gafiru rahim”; the all forgiving. I intend to mend that bridge, I can’t do this alone, but some way somehow, he will come to my rescue as usual.

I long for the day I work for fun and not for survival, I long for the day my wage stops being my wedge, the day color, size and taste becomes the reason I didn’t get that suit and not the price tag; dinner in Paris, breakfast in London, luxury cars, private jet etcetera etcetera…… wait!! Can’t a brother just want the simple things of life? -______-

I work for a small financial company as an Analyst, I currently work for the Nigerian Sector, but I am hoping and praying that all the hard work I have put in get recognized and I get to work for the Holding, that is the mother company. “Father make board meetings in Paris my portion too”. Amen

I won’t sugar coat this, I will just go ahead and say it, my greatest fear is dying in the friend zone, imagine her telling me I am annoyingly nice <_<, but that will change very soon, I don’t care if I buy my way into DMs. On a more serious note I fear failure, I can’t afford to not succeed, I have tasted the good life and I am not giving it up for anything.

If you have read this far, I say thank you for listening to (reading) me rant. I am a shy person and can’t imagine writing my ordeal or experiences for others to read, that was why I chickened out from  dropping a piece on @HL_blue ‘s blog. But after reading what a lot of folks out there have to say, I was greatly inspired and decided to do this, this is wishing you all a prosperous and fruitful new year.

My name is Sa’id and I am addicted to success. *drops mic*