The Unseen…..


We see you. You intrigue us, to no end, the lot of you. From the moment you open your eyes to the world onto the moment Azaril comes to escort your soul out of it. You are a lot like us, but at the same time, we are far removed. Daily, do we give thanks for our separation. You are the ones most favored by the Almighty; without a doubt, you are special. Even though you were the last to be created, you were made to be second to none in peerage. All were made to bow before you, including our ancestors. We had no choice but to obey the Creator, although one of us dared to refuse Him. Iblis, he was called then… Through the centuries, we have watched you. From the downfall at the garden, past the great flood, the Tower of Babel, down to the time of the crossing of the Red Sea. We were there when the ground swallowed Korab and all his treasures. Frankly, we are staggered by your limitless arrogance. The Almighty has raised you above us all, and loves you unconditionally. We do not understand it, and therefore try to understand you. We must admit, you are an enigma. You are physically weak, but make up for it in intelligence. You are also blessed with the ability to adapt. You are fertile, and spread bountifully across the earth. With the backing of the Omnipotent, no living thing is spiritually superior to you. You happen to be the only animals who walk upright. You have also been given knowledge, and what have you done with it? You are capable of great evil. We tire of how you lie to, steal from, hurt, oppress and murder each other in your greed and selfishness. In your self-aggrandisement, you forget that your mortal lives are but a collective grain of sand in the beach that is the hereafter. In your folly, you have begun to delude yourselves that you are gods. You forget your place! You have even corrupted some among our kind into imbibing your behaviour. You worship false gods and go as far as worshipping some among us. You bribe them with red mercury, all to persuade them into overhearing the daily announcements of destiny in heaven. More perplexing is the fact that they actually do it, even though it is suicidal. None but the malaika are allowed in heaven before their time, and any who dares to cross the boundary faces instant death. To our eternal shame, we have enabled some of you to be misled by false prophets, proclaiming stolen words, belonging to the Almighty. It is no wonder why He, in His boundless wisdom, keeps us unseen to you. It is for our safety. We will be fair- you are also capable of great acts of kindness. From the charity that is a simple smile, to the selfless philanthropy of giving all of one’s wealth to the needy. The unconditional love a parent has for a child. When we see the pious among you, we are reminded as to why The Lord loves you. The ones who submit to his mercy, and remember the hereafter: they may be your salvation. In retrospect, you are probably our salvation as well. We would be as arrogant as you are if we were to believe ourselves better than you. We still do not understand you, but we have learned by watching you. Despite the urge to put you down, we recognize your potential. We will continue to watch you, unseen. We are Jinn.


Thanks to Dayo Omidiran (@mromidiran) for sending this in. You can read more from him here


Authors Notes: Iblis is also known as Lucifer. Malaika literally means “angels”. Korab was Moses’ major antagonist during the 40 year-long wandering of the Israelites. He was fabulously wealthy, and tried to rebel against Moses, so God swallowed him, his followers and all their possessions in the earth.


The Getting To know Me

So here we have a guest blogger who chooses to remain anonymous for *insert appropriate word* here. Read and comment, see ya on the flip side.


Didn’t gain admission into the university immediately i finished secondary school, so i was home for a bit. Always used to complain to the Mother about the fact that i didn’t have friends. Well, i did, just that the ones that mattered were in school and i wasn’t. And she’d always tell me that it’ll get to a point in my life where i’ll have so many friends, i’ll be tired. Wise woman, my ma. So i finally started this predegree course and i did have friends and i was happy…for a while.

Who are friends? Or more to the point, what exactly is friendship? I don’t have the answer to this questions and i doubt i ever will. All i know is that more times often than not, i am discontented with me ‘social’ life. Friends are supposed to just take me as i am, so why is that so hard? I know what acquaintances are and i hardly expect anything from those people, but friends? Nah…

‘Aren’t you tired of complaining about me? Because i’m tired of you complaining about me’. I hate it when i feel like i’m stuck in a friendship that i know i’m not happy in. I mean, seriously, i’m beginning to disgust myself; complaining every single time and still not able to do anything about it. I know somehow i’m learning something, but what?

What brought this out of me is the fact that i was chatting with an old friend and i swear, i wanted to cry. I miss us. I miss what we were. She really accepted me, and that is rare. I don’t know exactly what her feelings are/were but i felt really good when i was with her. I could talk to her about stuff and trust that she would listen and i won’t be scared that she would judge me or something. We’ve been through our ups and downs and still i love her. I doubt if we would’ve still been friends if she didn’t leave; the distance is both a blessing and a curse. I could go on and on about this friend that i miss so much, but i’m already crying.

Sometimes i feel so alone in the midst of people and that is the worst kind. Run to and from God so many times, i’m always scared to go back. I don’t mean to blaspheme but there are things God can’t directly do and i’m too stupid to notice when he does it indirectly. I’ve prayed, read my Bible, sang…i’ve done a lot but those can only go as far.

I have this friend and he’s always complaining about how i’m not ‘deep’ with anybody. Don’t know how else to tell him i don’t see the point in that. I mean, how am i supposed to be ‘deep’ when i don’t feel comfortable enough with you? Everybody says people don’t understand them and i hate to be a clichè but it’s true.

Sometimes i feel like i’m some sort of freak show. Some weird twisted sort of entertainment. ‘Isn’t she so funny? She reacts in the strangest of ways’. I figured if i was there for people when they needed me, they would do the same for me. I’m pathetic. They don’t even know how to be there for me…i don’t know myself. I’m that ‘friend in need’, not good enough for fair weatherness.

I’m dark. Pardon me for not being ‘sunshiney’. I don’t just want to be that person. I have come to like myself but i get so much ‘hatred’ i can’t help but hate myself sometimes.

Why i like christianity? This God has been presented to me as someone who accepts me no matter what. No matter how many times i fall or mess up, He is always there ready to take me back as long as i mean it. There are no ‘special conditions’ for being in His presence. Yes, He is sovereign but He made me, not to be a subordinate but to be loved…by Him.

Maybe this loneliness is just in my head. Maybe i do have friends that love me as much as i love them or can love them; but i don’t feel it and therein lies the problem.

Some people wonder why i love to be alone, it’s just a classic case of a girl who feels she isn’t understood by most people.

I feel like i am floating through existence;
i feel like i am living after time;
i feel like i am forced to break the silence… that a crime?
I feel like we are all following shadows and shadows that don’t know where to go.
I feel like i am waiting for tomorrow while today waste away!
Its just the way i feel

Asa – the way I feel

The Subtle Denial

Whatever kills you doesn’t make you stronger. And vice versa. We quote the Truisms often. We don’t believe half as much as we ought to in Reality. Misconceptions of Love, Faith, Peace, Honour and Life. What we hold on to. Day in, Day out. Why we wake up. Why we sleep, Sad Really.

We fool around screaming that we dont care for people’s approval….. but as long as long we still breathe, there is always THAT one person whose approval we seek, unless we phase out that denial……..

“Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” -Friedrich Neitzsche

And this fear represses our inherent Greatness. We know what is wrong. We see what is happening yet we continue living day by day. Scared of reproach. Scared of Confrontation. Scared ! Scared!! Scared !!!

F.E.A.R : False Experience Appearing Real

Many have gazed into that same abyss. The abyss looking back kills only a portion of you. That same Portion you should have let go of, What we need we have. What we want we seek. What should hold the least atomic phase of relevance to us, we yearn for.

Very sad really, I have Looked at the Monsters. They Looked back. I have seen the Basic essence of my Conception. I died so my reality could be re-written There are those who have learnt to walk in death. So they can come out of the other side. So they can live…… Keep thinking what you have is what you have. Keep believing all you see is all there is. You will End with your eyes still closed.

That first step into nothingness. That is the most Painful moment you’ll ever feel as a normal Person. It becomes easier through Fortitude and Persistence.
What won’t make you stronger WILL kill you. It will Kill you. Leave it be. Let it alone!

Disclaimer: This post contains rants from @TheGreyGenesis ‘s TL, hit the follow button for first hand experience.

Empty Promises…….NOT!!!

I can’t believe its 6 months already, 1/2 a year…180 days! How time flies when you’re in the right company«—-this I know.

I long for the day its going to be all action, no words *sigh* another wish……at this rate I will put a dent on the magic lamp !!!!

But if words are all I got for NOW do bear with me…..I am accountable for all I say and with me you don’t get empty promises:

I need to stop wishing and start DOING, I’m going to use up all my “wish card”;

If I could light every star in the sky so they could shine for you.
If I could tell an angel to make it fine and full of shine.
If I could reach a cloud I will pack it softly around you then lace it with sliver lining.

If only for a moment I could see you smile…..see the hope in your eyes; feel the pleasure in my heart.
If only for a moment I could hear you laugh and make it last forever.

Place a soft kiss on your neck….I love the look on your face when you emit that delightful sigh, arch you back and ask for more….

I will watch you sleep just to hear your heart beat; catch you a falling star however far I have to go.

Thanks for being a part of my life…..though you won’t say it, I know you feel as much as I do.