Words Unspoken……

Hmmmm……*Loud Sigh* its been a while; every where is so dusty *clears cobwebs*! So why is he writing today you may wonder? *Shrugs* I can’t answer that myself either…….the question at hand is one I try to brush off of my mind whenever the thought crosses, though it is inevitable…..I try to deny it.

Death!!! the term used to describe the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism.

*Can we please have a moment of silence*

Cessation science says, but what happen to emotions and memories, the pain and anguish that lingers? How does your heart forget the irreplaceable love? Mother’s Love……love so real it hurts, of sleepless nights and hunger pangs? Of naked fear and worry for your well being?

Like morning dawn chased by the rising sun; she left without a chance to say goodbye.

Dreams and memories channels of communication left to explore….to say out loud words unspoken!

Grief embodied in tears and heavy sigh, questions unanswered, puzzle unsolved yet another candle burnt in the wind

She passed the baton to you knowing fully well you aint prepared to carry on with her legacy, dreams unfulfilled.

Broken promises and words unspoken….the silent wishes of just one reunion to make everything right, take back words said but not meant….. To say words meant but not spoken!

If she could read this then I ‘d write…………

What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch, we may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before she was ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave her memories too beautiful to forget.

The tide recedes but leaves behind bright seashells on the sand. The sun goes down, but gentle warmth still lingers on the land. The music stops, and yet it echoes on in sweet refrains…….

If she could hear me then I’d say……………

I never got the chance to meet you though through pictures I got to see where she inherited her smile ……the radiant beauty!!

The confident stride and determination so strong….. Ma’am I am happy to say you raised an exceptional woman you’d be so proud of.
The pain lingers on memories triggered…..she seeks solace in family and comfort in the hug of strangers…….

For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains; Sadly missed along life’s way, quietly remembered every day…..No longer in our life to share,but in our hearts, you’re always there.

As day comes and night falls
For the rest of our life we’ll miss you
And even though life must go on, we’ll still mourn While wishing you were home.

Take a moment outside the day to day struggle
To let the ones you really care about know that you love and cherish them, tomorrow aint guaranteed.

Lost a loved one? How did you deal with the loss? Pls share in the comment box:



so today’s Post is a lovely one that i personally like

This isn’t the typical boy meet girl, boy likes girl and girl likes him back, music in the background as they kiss under the pouring rain kind of story. To me, it’s more than that; it’s about two boys who showed me what love really is about, in its purest form.

Meet David and Joseph.


David was brought into this world with no love talk more of a silver spoon. His first cradle was a polythene bag with which his mother dumped him in and left him to face the intricacies of this onerous world alone in the discomfort of the bush. By a stroke of luck, he was found by a Good Samaritan who took him to an orphanage home. Growing up, he became close friends with Joseph another child in the home whose story isn’t far off from his.

I can’t put in plain words the beauty that transcends just watching this two together…

I think it was those little things they did for each other, the sharing of biscuit that was never enough or the cheese balls they shared?, or when Joseph hugged David when he was sad, or sipping from the same drink, or the little pranks they played? I don’t know where I saw it because it’s unseen yet so visible.

They aren’t blood brothers although they bear the same surname with the other 160 children in the home; I believe they could discern that they weren’t actually bonded by blood. The admirable fact is that they are bonded by the one word I have not come to entirely comprehend – Love.

Today, I’m not here to preach, give this or give that, because you can give all of those without truly loving. Today, I ask you to take off your shoes and step into the worn out pair my friends wear.

Now, take a second and figure where it hurts, is it the used clothes you have to wear? Is the fact that your biological parents left you all alone? No one to come for your Open day at school, or is it the countless uncelebrated birthdays? Or the fact you don’t even know the actual date when you were born?

Have you ever taken a second to think if we “the so called privileged” ever actually show love? Just maybe you have an imperative role in an all-encompassing plot? Maybe it isn’t just about you? Maybe there’s a child out there, a homeless person down the road losing hope and it’s our task to restore just that?

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you – John Bunyan

Never deprive someone of hope; it may be all they have…. It’s time we made a difference, it’s time we stopped the show of pity and celebrate love, and it’s time we act, true love is always backed up by actions, spare some time to birth a smile. Let there be a festival, a Festival of Love.


Life isn’t just about you or me; it’s also about the role we have to play in the story of others, the smiles we leave eternally on the faces of people we meet.

Now, here is an opportunity to act, this April 7,2012 , join hands with Project One Million Souls as we celebrate love, it’s going to be a festival, a Festival of Love with the Children from orphanages, Adults from the Aged Homes, The Blinds and Disabled, Boys and Girls From Remand Homes .

Love comes first.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

But then, this is what I think, what do I know?

Written by : Funto Ayinoluwa (@ObaFuntAy )



Project One Million Souls is Covenant University’s charity organization that operates with the aim of touching 1 Million souls annually. The organization is poised at bettering the cause of the needy and helpless in Africa. Click http://projectonemillionsouls.org/about/ to find out more information.

Also their known annual program called ‘Festival Of Love’ would be happening soon!

Festival Of Love (Season 3)

Theme: The Greatest Gift “1cor 13:13″

Venue: Covenant University….Old Football Field in front of Peter Hall

Date: April 7th 2012


Highlights: Last Year’s Festival Of Love

Let’s pray toward the Success and also come around to support this event and let’s touch A Million Souls


* Account Number:

Bank: Oceanic Bank, Nigeria.

Account Number: 0039794821

Address of Project One Millon Souls
* Hall 104, Covenant University Chapel, CanaanLand, Ota, Ogun State
* Email: info@projectonemillionsouls.org
* Website: http://projectonemillionsouls.org/

Peace and Stay Blessed J



Day 240: How Does your heart Forget!!!

Never in my wildest imagination did I think I’ll write these lines on paper, its 240 days and love’s turned sour already? WHY?

They say you only ask why when you know the answer……I beg to differ….giving reasons will only take me (US) back into the vicious cycle of hate and resentment!


When you’ve got to let go
of the one that you’ve held so close,
When you know it’s time
to turn and walk away!
There’s nothing left to say,
you know it’s for the best,
Your mind knows it’s over

You know it’s all wrong
To try to hold on,
And you know there’s nothing
left to hold on to,
And nothing you can do,
will bring it back again, no!


How does your heart forget?
How does it ever find
a way to get over, babe?
How do you leave behind
the best days of your life?
It might take some tears
(yes, seize my G card now),
it might take some time!


Time will bring the real end of our trials
One day they’ll be no remnants;
No trace, no residual feelings within you
One day you won’t remember me

Your face will be the reason I smile
But I will not see what I cannot have forever
I’ll always love you, I hope you feel the same?

Goodbye my lover, Welcome my friend !!!

The Subtle Denial

Whatever kills you doesn’t make you stronger. And vice versa. We quote the Truisms often. We don’t believe half as much as we ought to in Reality. Misconceptions of Love, Faith, Peace, Honour and Life. What we hold on to. Day in, Day out. Why we wake up. Why we sleep, Sad Really.

We fool around screaming that we dont care for people’s approval….. but as long as long we still breathe, there is always THAT one person whose approval we seek, unless we phase out that denial……..

“Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” -Friedrich Neitzsche

And this fear represses our inherent Greatness. We know what is wrong. We see what is happening yet we continue living day by day. Scared of reproach. Scared of Confrontation. Scared ! Scared!! Scared !!!

F.E.A.R : False Experience Appearing Real

Many have gazed into that same abyss. The abyss looking back kills only a portion of you. That same Portion you should have let go of, What we need we have. What we want we seek. What should hold the least atomic phase of relevance to us, we yearn for.

Very sad really, I have Looked at the Monsters. They Looked back. I have seen the Basic essence of my Conception. I died so my reality could be re-written There are those who have learnt to walk in death. So they can come out of the other side. So they can live…… Keep thinking what you have is what you have. Keep believing all you see is all there is. You will End with your eyes still closed.

That first step into nothingness. That is the most Painful moment you’ll ever feel as a normal Person. It becomes easier through Fortitude and Persistence.
What won’t make you stronger WILL kill you. It will Kill you. Leave it be. Let it alone!

Disclaimer: This post contains rants from @TheGreyGenesis ‘s TL, hit the follow button for first hand experience.

Empty Promises…….NOT!!!

I can’t believe its 6 months already, 1/2 a year…180 days! How time flies when you’re in the right company«—-this I know.

I long for the day its going to be all action, no words *sigh* another wish……at this rate I will put a dent on the magic lamp !!!!

But if words are all I got for NOW do bear with me…..I am accountable for all I say and with me you don’t get empty promises:

I need to stop wishing and start DOING, I’m going to use up all my “wish card”;

If I could light every star in the sky so they could shine for you.
If I could tell an angel to make it fine and full of shine.
If I could reach a cloud I will pack it softly around you then lace it with sliver lining.

If only for a moment I could see you smile…..see the hope in your eyes; feel the pleasure in my heart.
If only for a moment I could hear you laugh and make it last forever.

Place a soft kiss on your neck….I love the look on your face when you emit that delightful sigh, arch you back and ask for more….

I will watch you sleep just to hear your heart beat; catch you a falling star however far I have to go.

Thanks for being a part of my life…..though you won’t say it, I know you feel as much as I do.

Alone…………..but not Lonely !

I walk a lonely road…..

 the only one that I have ever known……

Don’t know where it goes……

 but its home to me and I walk alone. 

I get a funny feeling it comes from deep inside I get all mad and angry, wanting to go and hide. He (my doctor) calls it depression; people say it’s just me. But these thoughts (SMH) and feelings, no one will ever think or feel 😦 Some say I’m psycho, some say I’m just weird. It’s like I’m a different person, the old me just disappeared. I get really edgy and want to end it real bad, or am I dead already? Then I get an a headache, the Headache, followed by a sad feeling. I wish I could get help! I wish it would go away!! I wish I could go away!!! Start a journey in solitude and end it in oblivion. Maybe if I prayed real hard (snickers), It will some day, I will someday, until then………I walk a lonely road, but I’m not Alone.

I Am Now Old

So @s_Hotzs is back here with jars of creative juice………….ehn ehn now, if i dont blow my trumpet who will?  i will just delve into this thing. The other day I was reading a post by @thetoolsman on TNC, yes oh, make i famz small…………..it was a light topic but deeply touching……..i will advice you read it here Your Father before you continue with this……….or whichever you want to do, just read !!!

*Ever think what a loved one thinks about you before their demise? Ummm…….. tough call right?


Acceptance is the first step to……………………………… sorry I forgot nobody recovers from being old.

My memory fails me. I would have loved to remember my rough and tumble play. I often wonder, “What’s it like to be a child?” It feels like an eternity. I try desperately to hold on to what is left of my thinning recollection, but it escapes me. I cannot keep it between my ears. It’s like trying to lock the wind in my fist. Futile!! !

I watch them carefully. I see me in their eyes, I see me in their every breath, in their frown, in their every smile. I am truly blessed to have them. They are my past as much as they are my future. They remind me, allow me to hold the wind. And still with much pride I look to the day of their becoming, it gives me hope for the days to come.

I remember the day of my becoming. I realize now that it was indeed not just a day,  It was my life’s journey. We are definitely clay in the hands of one much greater. With everyday I took on a new shape. With every new face I met, I understood diversity. With every girl I kissed, I learnt passion. With every ball I kicked, I gained strength. With every passing loved one, I felt grief. With every one of mother’s sweet embrace, I took in love.

There is a quiet that has come upon me, the realization that the days ahead are surely shorter than the days that have gone by. I am not afraid. Fear does not plague me. Rather, there is a knowing within me, a certainty. One I cannot explain. My silence gives room for pondering. Time has answered many of my questions, but there are many more. I know with certainty that time will surely cheat me of the answers to my deepest concerns. So I say a little prayer, “Lord, I know that I must journey on without them. Please keep all of them in that place you call the hollow of your hands, they are so dear to me. My time is short and my strength eludes me.… ”.

I am old, my eyes are heavy. I do not resist as sleep calls. There is just one thing left to do before I rest my tired limbs till the sun shines again. “Dear lord thank you for a life well lived…. (zzzzzzz)”

P.S Big S/O to @Ngufy for taking time out to edit this piece……Thanks for having my back !!!

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